Martin Rabanus

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Martin Rabanus

Member of the Bundestag (SPD)

Born on September 2, 1971 in Fulda (Hessen); Roman Catholic, married, two children.

1993 general higher education entrance qualification; 1990 to 1991 community service with the workers' welfare and the mobile social aid service in Wiesbaden; 1993 to July 1998 study of political science with elective subjects law, sociology and history at the Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe-University in Frankfurt am Main, diploma.

1994 state managing director of the Hessian student council; 1994 to 1998 personal assistant to the SPD parliamentary group leader in the Hessian state parliament, former minister of state Armin Clauss; 1998 to 1999 employee of the SPD parliamentary group; since 1999 advisor to the SPD parliamentary group in the Hessian state parliament.

Since May 2019 chairman of the German Adult Education Association (DVV).

2002 to 2003 chairman of the SPD Taunusstein; 2007 to 2017 chairman of the SPD in the Rheingau-Taunus district; since 2001 member of the district council of the Rheingau-Taunus-Kreis; since 2006 deputy chairman of the SPD parliamentary group, since 2014 member of the SPD federal executive committee AFB.

Member of the German Bundestag since 2013; since 2017 chairman of the SADC parliamentary group; since February 2018 cultural policy spokesman for the SPD parliamentary group.


(Photo : © SPD-Parteivorstand/ Benno Kraehahn)