Katharina Uppenbrink

initiative-urheberrecht konferenz-2020 referenten Katharina-Uppenbrink

Katharina Uppenbrink

managing director, Initiative Urheberrecht (Authors’ Rights Initiative)

Katharina Uppenbrink has been managing director of the Initiative Urheberrecht (Authors’ Rights Initiative) since May 2014. The initiative comprises more than 35 guilds, organizations and unions, and represents the interests of about 140,000 authors and performing artists. The initiative operates primarily at federal level, but is also involved sporadically at state and EU level.

In addition to political work, the focus is on the organisation of the annual international conference on authors’ rights. The support for the controversial and successful vote on the EU copyright reform, in which the Copyright Initiative played a leading role, deserves special mention.

After completing her education in Berlin and London, Uppenbrink worked for various publishing houses. For several years she headed the departments of distribution and marketing at a midsized publishing house in Frankfurt.

In 2002 she became managing director of the German Screenwriters’ Guild (VDD), where she focused initially on PR. From 2004 she was responsible for the guild’s national and international political activities, with emphasis on authors’ rights and film funding. She was appointed to several German Federal Film Board (FFA) committees. She helped build up the Federation of Screenwriters in Europe (FSE) in Brussels and was in charge of the development and realization of the World Conference of Screenwriters (WCOS) in Athens (2009), Barcelona (2012), Warsaw (2014) and Berlin (2018).

(Photo: © Initiative Urheberrecht / Kisorsy)